By ForeZorba; Published in HEALTH VISION MAGAZINE – Nov 2014

Why there is no end of this perspective of “always be positive”? There are a lot of journals and discussion over this aslant matter, for making one positive in living life ahead in a better way, perennially, and it will so. There is no positivity about this negativity. Why this step son’s behavior with negativity?  Most of the people accept that negativity, and positivity are the flip side of same coin and for a better balance in life, positive side should always be up with arresting or covering up negativity.

I say unto you that whether you grow with this “Be Positive’ syndrome or not, but you can certainly expand with negativity. Be distant and look at the matter: Negativity is the integral or peripheral part of positivity or they both are same. If life is a circle than positivity is centre and periphery- the limiting line to the circle, lies in negativity. Expansion of any subject can never come to reality until judging vices accurately. Groping in the negative side makes you more aware of the circumstance for leaping ahead to the goal. It will be really difficult in walking on a tight rope with laughing and dancing. Hegel appeals to the “negativity” involved when thought’s objects turn into their determining opposites. Determination comes with positivity and can be achieved with negativity.

With all sort of explanations and sense of ecstatic-ism through articles and speeches of motivational speaker and views expressed here, would have given the two for sure contradictory status but undoubtedly only after knowing limitation, enthusiasm can bring one to the fore.  This status of contradiction can be viewed From Aristotle’s ontological standpoint, where he has invoked essence-accident distinction in dealing with the “contradiction” involved in thinking, for example, that a piece of wax is both white and colorless, both solid and liquid. Where one stand on forbearance of other. So negativity is essentially the subjective side of the reciprocal life skill development obligations foot holding in complete success and the motivational market. People are negatively instilled through a sense of duty and peer pressure to defend the positive side of talks and individuality.

Summing up with the words of Rumi- where he emphasizes on balance. “Your hand opens and closes, opens and closes. If it were always a fist or always stretched open, you would be paralyzed. Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding, the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated as birds’ wings.” Proponents of negativity are not the sole criteria of this write up but certainly reprimanding to so call a positive speaker is required to bring a balance for uninterrupted growth. Circle of life is always revolving between both the aspects. Without understanding negativity one can never be true positive. So always accept negativity in welcoming mode as its going to give a greater thinking for making your life positive ahead.


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