By ForeZorba; Article published in HEALTH VISION MAGAZINE- Feb 2015

Love is a complete world in itself and the whole world searching terra firma by trying to move through this sphere. The most exercised word, love, applied prolifically for fructification of motif or desire, is found in abundance with every Tom, Dick & Harry, now-a-days. Inheritably rich with emotion the very term is left with zest only. Just like a person walking without heart as a robot. Once an essentially heart phenomenon has become a subject of a brain game. The very term is used more commonly now-a-days without feeling but yes with a prospect.

And why not this superficiality will take place? Thanks to the word into English which made it so cursory. Linguistically the word comes from Greek word philein- to love. However, etymologically the derivation is old French term lechier- to lick. Significantly, starting with the letter L, a sound formed by the tongue. Supposedly the seat of sensation and originated many words such as libidinous (pleasure), lascivious (want ness), lubricious (slippery), lustful (desire), etc. All words are used in a derogatory sense. So coming into existence through the seat of sensation it leaves a momentary, ticklish touch but not the love, which is eternal.

Written in any script or said in any language, the crux within love is same. Love is absolute. Love gives nothing but itself and takes nothing but from itself. And more; love has no meaning. You may have loved; however, you cannot say what meaning it has. Love is significant but not meaningful. This is the reason behind choosing marriage partners for sons and daughters by parents for centuries. Marriage is meaningful with no gravity.

Love, an enraptured state of being where one lessens ones thinking to null about oneself and tempotize his/her or her thinking to infinity for the idol involved. Idol? Yes because our love needs projection on someone whether moving, alive, and static or not present physically. In the love of Laila-Majnu and akin love stories or Sharvana Kumar’s love toward his parents illustrate when both the ends are in love and alive. Then there are people like, Meera, who loved Krishna as the life partner so intensely when he was not present in the body; in another instance, Ramakrishna who was in devotional love with the statue of mother kali. And both have reached their respective terminus.

However, this projection cannot be on everyone unless one is enlightened enough. So love is not a process or doing as many people say ‘I do love you’ for making their emotion emphatic. This is a state in which one rediscovers oneself and can say ‘I am in love’ without describing or even mentioning any object or person as usually one does. It’s a state in which one’s existence starts narrowing; along with his/her or her entity burgeons. A state when you start feeling yours sweet heart’s prevalence everywhere. Conditions when your life converges at beloved and seems that nothing is afterwards; even your breath. And finally; a vibrant form thriving with energy can’t be anticipated or elaborated.

However, this sphere of beatification can’t be rejoiced by a person who is living without life. Living without life! Yes, a person who mechanically earns money and running behind false social stature and playing love game and has never felt life residing in his system. And strenuous person living in comfort but restive is liable to clemency. This love does not shower on everyone. Blessed are those who came under this sapling, whether for a short span or lived under it for whole life. And there are some people who inquisitively go for love, but when time comes to have to feel, they reflect their notions and trifle with love. To be playful in love is an aspect of it but including love in and as game. To be in love is an instinctive matter with human being, but it lacks in reflection due to deficiency in courage. In words of Lao-tzu- Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage. At last with love after saying and doing everything, one left with unsaid and undone….So



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