Becoming a more likeable leader is completely under ur control, and it’s a matter of Emotional quotient(EQ). Unlike innate, fixed characteristic such as your Intelligence Quotes(IQ), EQ is flexible skill that you can improve with you efforts.
10 behavior to inculcate or learn from a leader which makes them so likable.
1. Communicate to form personal connection.
2. They make others feel valuable and hence maintain an approachable decorum.
3. They are simply humble and they never think in terms that they better than you.
4. Even in undeniably negative situation they are positive.
5. They are even keeled when it’s being held responsible for accomplishment and failures.
6. They are generous so they attribute your success in their success and give opportunity to make yourself confidently successful.
7. They walk their talk to demonstrate integrity.
8. Leaders read people like a book and between the lines to texts also. They observe facial expression, body language, tone of voice besides your words.
9. They draw out people’s talents so that everyone is bettering themselves and work at hand. They appreciate potentiality.
10. They have substance and don’t just puff themselves up or pretetions.

Bring it all together in you and you will be a likable leader.


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