So finally this govt. be successful in creating division among artists and writers. Todays India March is symbolic event in the on going creation of historical moment. With any logic or philosophical statement they can’t get out of blame that they are supporting the policy and behavior of ministers; in the same way as the artists and writer with their all expressions towards ongoing intolerance are not able to cut off themselves from the previous govt.. In greater no people are supporting India March and this is not an astonishing factor as the more people will participate in this rally will open their prospects for fetching awards in near future. Ultimately every individual lives for fulfilling their own ambitions. Govt will obviously render some or other form of reward to them and administration is in full cooperation with it, which is justified too; is evident with the no. of people allowed in this rally is 2000 against the people against intolerance were meager no. of 125.
Politicization of the matter of art is not new. However this exposure is really interesting to watch where politics will definitely win over artistic faculty.


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