Positive thinking may not fetch you desired result even with any advanced technique or mechanical instrument which are very much in trend now a days just like fat cutter technique and instrument however accept thinking will definitely give you happiness and make you fight in a way where you can win any battle.
Many people on the path of becoming professional motivational speaker uses this very term of positivity vehemently for reaping their own benefit. However few get benefitted and rest keep on repeating with false hope which becomes detrimental too. A person who has artistic bent of mind can think positive that he can become a scientist however he’ll split himself and can never reach the crescendo of any field. A lot of techniques are getting devised with each passing days which proves incapable in addressing the concern of human mind for keeping it positive. Till we human are not conscious enough, our perception hinders our day to day thinking. These perception get created with the happenings in our personal life. Which partly governed by our past life soul journey accompanied by lessons assigned in this life and partly our contemplated thought helping that journey. So your thought will be proportionally connected with the happening in surroundings which are destined but what you learn from that or how your thought churns out of that is partly in your hand. So how a person can keep himself always positive when in his surrounding his parents or wife or child is dying or he loosing his inheritance or facing humiliation or many such things happening one by one? The answer lies in accept thinking.
What’s the theory behind this accept thinking? Man is intrinsically positive being like other living being but humanity is now plagued by man made problems where another person reap benefit by showing solution to that problem. This is an axiom that every person comes on this earth to complete certain task assigned and nature creates all suitable environment for completing that. Certain things may look unpleasant to us however it is required in journey of soul. So our prime task is to move in this journey on the predestined path and this can happen only with Accept Thinking. When a closed one is dying in front of you, you can’t keep yourself positive with all formulas and instrument of thinking positive however certainly you can keep yourself in a mode of accept thinking and therefore you will be able to move forward. Now this thought can arise in your mind that failing in exam or loosing a job or relation is quite different from the example sighted above, whereas person going through that moment be in the same frame of devastation and that time thinking positive is far off, suggestion of think positive be too much on them and it’s really not working but accepting the circumstance is much easier for the required movement.
So now the question is why these people are successful who are propounding this thought. It’s their own mental projection which lead them to become successful which clicked with right time and circumstances. Every person whosoever is in a position of giving such thought have passed through the same intensity of turmoil with different circumstances. And the moment they accepted the real situation and started moving as it comes they were able to flower to their potentiality. After reaching the height in their designated field they started sharing their story. Even they them self failed utterly if they tried to infuse their positive thinking in their restruggling time in different field which were not meant for them. Those who were able in catching the knack of the accept thinking have sailed however rest failed again.
So now implementing of accept thinking would be clear and you can start pea tsing it from now onwards and the change will be perceptible along with your struggle inside will fade away. With the saved energy from that struggle you can do miracle in the movement of life. When we see the things going differently and in our mind we put positive thought, there used to be a constant struggle inside and it dissipates energy of soul. This depleted soul energy affects our next course of action where we could have put our charged energy with accepted thinking. Drop this positive thinking syndrome and embrace accept thinking theory and see the miraculous change in your life. Imagine that Steve jobs struggling with such syndrome to become Bheemsen Joshi.
At this point question arises that how a person can decide that a particular field is his designated area for soul this time and typical framework of accept thinking framework for those who missed the essence of article?
Both points will be dealt in the coming articles so keep visiting this blog at regular interval.



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